Meet the Team

Gregory Arndt

Gregory is a two-time Emmy Award winning Engineer and Programmer with degrees in Game and Simulation Programming and Game Development. He has been involved in the design and programming of well-known themed attractions throughout the world, producing exciting experiences for Universal Studios Japan and Singapore, Lotte World Korea, Sega Japan and many others. Software programmer, electrical engineer, gamer extraordinaire, Gregory leads the charge here at ArtistryWare, because you want your product to be produced by people with the passion, talent, and experience to get it done right the first time.

Rommel Sedano

Our Filipino secret weapon. Our Renaissance Man. Painter, sculptor, designer, thinker, animator, a man who sees in the dark. Rommel is happiest when tasked with developing cutting edge themed architectural and mechanical creative concepts. He can then take those concepts to the next level by means of sophisticated computer modeling. Best known as Art Director for Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai, working directly with world renowned designer Kobus de Beer, Rommel also holds a degree in Computer Science.
Give the man a challenge, please.

Daniel Kent

Mr. Problem Solver. Dan has worked for the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative helping to create rides, shows and attractions around the world. Mechanical Engineer by trade, he has worked from concept phase through to opening day on multiple Disney and Universal Studios Parks worldwide and most recently for Dubai Parks & Resorts in Dubai. There’s a lot of sand in Dubai…

Tanguy LeGloahec

Tanguy is a skilled professional with extensive experience in design development, fabrication, and installation of special effects, animatronics and 3D projection systems. Tanguy has spent time working for prestigious companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Disneyland Paris, and most recently in Dubai working on the Dubai Parks & Resorts project. Tanguy’s practical skills are backed up with Master’s Degrees in Mechatronics and Advanced Robotics.
This guy has so many skills, he’s like a Swiss Army knife. Except he’s French.

Andy Zhou

Andy is our mechanical engineer responsible for bringing your idea into electrical and mechanical concept design form. Andy has strong familiarity with mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control technology, having put all these disciplines to use during the Shanghai Disneyland project. Yes he is a certified technical design geek, and we can’t give him enough work, so help us keep Andy happily pounding away on his computer
keyboard. Give him a challenge!