How video games gave me high grades at school

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I can still remember the time when we only have toy cars and robots at home. Those toys never failed to impress me. With all those moving parts and flashy lights and sounds,  who would not love them? right? they were my very definition of FUN. Well, for me, but not so long after my mother took home the new guy at home which she got from a pawnshop where she worked. It was a huge a** thick white brick game looking thing and for reference check out that brick below.

We really thought it was just another variation of a brick crap we already have and is just scattered around the corner. Yep that brick thing with all the blacks and whites bored us so fast even if it has different kinds of game. I am talking about this one!

Well yeah. Sorry brick game fans. I just didn’t enjoy muck those black blocks.

So what was the good part?

OBVIOUSLY, we got a gameboy and it comes with a baseball game!

The sad part? It requires FOUR AA batteries!

After showing up our best puppy eyes to our dad he finally bought 4 brand new AA batteries. YAY! So we tested it. We put on the batteries at the back, slide the switch on top and the Nintendo logo came down from the top of the screen. We are so excited that we just pressed start and start until we finally saw the playing part.


The game was not very addictive but the sounds and graphics were so entertaining that we sticked with the game for almost 2 months!

One day, while we’re at a mall we passed by on the gaming console section area and we saw hundreds of game cartridges. Our eyeballs almost went out the eye lids after seeing them and as usual we begged our parents to buy us another one. Unfortunately, the begging did not work that time.

After days of thinking and thinking me and my siblings FINALLY! came up with an idea how we could get one of those poor shiny cartridge out of its transparent prison cage. So, we made a deal with our parents that if we could accumulate 10 school activities (for each one of us) with a score of 90+ they will get us whichever game cartridge we would like.

And… the grinding session started. Me and my brothers studied diligently and avoided any kinds of distractions. We skipped play times at home just to prepare for those tests, assignments, projects and exams. I also got some help from my older brother how to answer the hardest questions I was facing that time. hitting most of the test results with scores above 90. Fortunately, overall it only took us a month to get them. So that’s a month of no toys time and no play time and we limited our cartoon watching down to one. I can’t remember which one was it though. Finally we got to collect all those results and hand to the DAD and the MOM the ticket to heaven. Ha! man, I could still imagine myself drooling over the cartridge while it was being purchased at the mall and can’t wait to go home and try it.

Well what happened next after acquiring the game? Hmm the new game we got was so addictive to the point we already fight against each other but then it was already normal to us LOL. The cartridge came with at least 60 different games so if I remember it right, it took us more than 6 months to look for another one and as usual do the study grind cycle again.


And that’s it folks, that’s how you make your children ace at school 😉

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